Mad Max’s Tom Hardy: Doggie Daddy Supreme

Tom Hardy, the star of the current blockbuster hit Mad Max: Fury Road, loves dogs. Like, a lot. In fact, Vanity Fair online posted an article solely devoted to tracking how many times the 37-year-old British actor has mentioned the species in the various interviews he’s done over the years. And it’s like, a lot.

And here’s something else that’s weird — Hardy’s very first dog, who he got from a family friend as a teenager, was named — Mad Max! This was obviously many years before he was offered the role. But, as Hardy relates in a recent interview with Details, he actually didn’t like the name Mad Max at first. “‘Cause he’s not mad, he’s just misunderstood. I called him Moose, as a nickname,” he says.

Since then, he’s always had a dog and even adopts or “borrows” one when he has to be on location. So you can imagine his joy at costarring in the 2014 film The Drop, in which he plays dad to a pit bull named Rocco and got to hang with the five actor dogs who played him.

But Tom’s bestest buddy is his own pooch, Woodstock or Woody, “a cattle dog, cross Labrador thing.” He goes on to tell Vulture, “I found him with Jessica Chastain. We were in Atlanta, Georgia, doing Lawless, and he was in the motorway. We almost ran him over … and Jess was like, ‘No, no, no! You’ve got to go after him!’ He was only 11 weeks old, and so we got hold of him and he became the on-set dog … and then we brought him back to London, so he’s my dog now.”

He’s also an awesome model, as you can see from this recent photoshoot the duo did for PETA. We’re glad he’s living up to the motto: Rescue. Name. Love!

Tom Hardy and Dog Name Woodstock

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