2016 Rio Olympics: US Athletes & Their Pups

The 2016 Rio Olympics are coming to a close, with America having racked up some serious gold. But big-name athletes like Michael Phelps, gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas and track star Allyson Felix have something else in common than just their superhuman talent and fame — they’re all devoted dog owners.


Biles, Raisman and the other members of the women’s gymnastics team have tons of pups at home cheering them on. Reisman met her match, a terrier mix named Gibson, at an NBC Olympics photo shoot, where adoptable animals posed with the athletes.  “I knew from the moment I saw Gibson that it was meant to be,” the five-time medalist told Us magazine. Her dog Coco had recently passed, and the cute little guy’s personality reminded Raisman and her mom of her former pup. “Of course from the second we saw him, we asked about adopting Gibson.”

And it’s not exactly possible for him to be much cuter, as seen in this pic from Reisman’s Instagram page.


Biles and her family have a quartet of German Shepherds as part of their pack, named Maggie, Atlas, Lily and Bella. Madison Kocian has two rescue dogs: Biscuit, a collie-golden retriever mix, and Pete, a wire-haired terrier. Gabby Douglas says she loves her pals Chandler, a Yorkie-Maltese mix and Zoway, a Black Lab-Rottweiler mix, because “they always remind me to have fun, even if I’ve had a tough day.” Zoway even made a cameo appearance in the Lifetime movie based on Gabby’s life story.

Most of Michael Phelps’ attention lately has been focused on becoming the winningest Olympian of all time — not to mention his new baby Boomer — but before welcoming his son home, he and his girlfriend doted on their two fur babies, French bulldogs Juno and Legend. Juno even has her own Instagram feed at MsJuno, where her bio reveals that she was “named after the Roman goddess who was an Olympian & Queen of the gods.”


And yep, talk about a dog’s life. She gets to ride on a private jet with her dad.

Veteran sprinter Allyson Felix has three golds and three silvers so far in her Olympic career, making her a sought-after spokesperson. Her adorable Yorkie Chloe made a memorable appearance in a Bounty ad earlier this year.


Sadly, Felix tweeted this in May of 2016: “My heart is broken. My sweet Chloe passed away. She has brought me so much joy and I’m going to miss her so much!” Our condolences go out to Felix, one of the greatest U.S. Olympians ever to put on a track suit.


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